The Stages of Life

1. All the major leaguers are older that me.
2. Most of the pro ball players are about my age.
3. Those boys on the field are young enough to be my sons.
4. The third baseman greets me with, “Hi gramps.”
5. What’s baseball?
6. Remember the Bible’s opening words, “In the big inning.”

A Star is Born

I was recently reminded of how a woman, I never met, caused me such embarrassment. A stop light flashed red, and while I considered sneaking through, I didn’t.  It might have been the music that sliced the edge off my aggressive driving.

I stopped.  I was in the middle of three east bound lanes. The lane to my left turned north.  The lane to my right required a choice of east or south.  My lane was the only one without a choice.  I had to go east.

The three cars, side by side, for just about 90 seconds on a sunny day with windows rolled down were about to share a special moment in time.  My radio, as always, was on.  The music was up and I was singing.  My head was back. My hand was beating. My head was bobbing and I was singing. Loudly.
Oblivious to my highway  partners, the three teens to my right and the woman about my age to the left, I sung until the song stopped about 5 seconds before the light changed. No one moved.
The woman was giving me a thumbs up and the teens were laughing and applauding. They were impressed, no doubt, that I could, “Feel Like a Natural Woman.  WOMAN! “.  She turned left. The kids turned right and I floored it.
But for those few moments, on that sunny day, Carol King, the co-writer of the song, who received the Gershwin Award, helped me get a little red in the face.  I wouldn’t trade it for anything because for 90 seconds, I was the star of the sixteenth street traffic light.