Gigglish thought stirs unrest

fillette pouffant de rireThere were six girls, ages 8-9, three moms, aged none-of-my business, and me, old-enough-to know-better.  We were thrown together in a frozen yogurt parlor.  They got there before me and were gaggled together on one end of the yogurtery when I got my salted caramel yogurt sprinkled with butterfinger, shredded coconut, and other completely wicked toppings. Continue reading Gigglish thought stirs unrest

Peeping and Picture Windows

CREATOR: gd-jpeg v1.0 (using IJG JPEG v62), quality = 100They are probably still called “picture” windows. There must have been a time when “picture” windows were very special or they would, just, be called windows. Now, everyone on my street has one.

That large, generally, one pane window, often in a living room, that looks out on the world also allows the world to look in. If someone outside came right up to the window and cupped his hand over his eyes, while leaning on it, that might be called “peeping.” To be sure, there are other kinds of peeping but now the focus is on picture windows. Continue reading Peeping and Picture Windows