High quality firework over night city made with long exposure time


I used to love them
Shallow breaths watched for,

Fireworks to come to town.

Couldn’t wait
Get there early,

Stake out a spot.

Bring on the Dahlias


The fireworks,

And ahhs.

Grab the calendar,
Mark the date,

And anticipate.

Now the day arrives,
Without herald,

Fireworks leave me lonely.

The echoing booms,

Irritate me.

I feel guilty,
When I don’t

Stand and watch amazed.

But I never look,
For the,

Booming hollow to end.

When the explosions cease,
I am a little sadder,

And a lot more alone.

Wishing I would have seen them,
Knowing when they come round next time,

I plan to not see them again.

So the feud continues,
Hating the fireworks,
Not wanting to know why.