Care For an Apple?

Premeditated flickers 
beneath lifeless eyes

whisper, “come here.”

As fangs display,
she leaps away

from the striking snake.

Shouting encouragement to her hoe
she swings, reflexively, reactively,

righteously in response to preemption.

As dead eyes flicker out,
she weeps,
wondering of fruit and trees.

6 thoughts on “Care For an Apple?”

  1. An interesting twist to the famous story of our beginnings. I like to believe that the change or consequences are coming because of what she did.

  2. Okay….I have to admit here, fess up. There are not “flickers” of fear that hit me when I see a snake or a photo of a snake….there are waves of RECOIL! So when I saw your illustration, it took all my will power to read. Really and truly!
    So — great take on the prompt….but I sure would have appreciated a little drawing with curvy ink lines of that horrific creature rather than that too real photo!!!! 🙁

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